How To Write Off Your Vacation

I’ve spent about 7 hours during the past week answering your questions about my new Tax Deduction Coaching Program.

Many folks are asking, “When is the coaching program going to start?”

Answer: In early September, right after Labor Day. Parents are telling me that it would be best to begin after the kids are back in school. That way you’ll have more time to devote to this program. 

Enrollment will begin on August 22 and will last for one week only — that way I’ll have enough time to send you all the coaching program materials (some materials will be delivered via email, and some materials will be delivered via snail-mail).

You should also be aware that this program will be limited to 15 people – so be on the lookout for details on the enrollment period in an email next week.

Another common question has been “Tell me more about your Top 10 deductions.” So in last week’s post, I revealed 5 articles that unpack 5 of my “Top 10″ small business tax deductions.

Today, here’s 5 more articles on the other 5 deductions.  Enjoy!

Take the home office deduction.

Hire your children.

Use the Section 179 deduction.

Maximize travel deductions (aka How To Write Off Your Vacation)

Deduct your commuting mileage.

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