Top Ten Small Business Tax Deductions

Many thanks to all of you who sent me a response to my Wednesday email. In case you missed it, it was entitled “I need your help”.  This email told you about a new tax deduction coaching program that I’m about to launch, and I asked for your help in designing it.

(By the way, my goal in this program is a simple one: to help you reduce your small business tax bill by at least $3,000 – $5,000 this year. How does that sound?)

The response to my “I need your help” email was incredible!  I spent over 5 hours yesterday responding personally to every email I received.  Many folks are eager to reduce their tax bill this year, and rightly so. There’s a boatload of legal small business tax deductions available; many of them are either under-used, or not used at all . . . How sad is that?

As you know, tax deductions are the key that opens the vault of tax savings.  It really is true: knowledge is power, and knowledge of small business tax deductions is the most powerful money-saving knowledge you can have.

Many questions I received were all about my “Top 10″ small business tax deductions, which will be the foundation of my new tax coaching program.  If you maximize these 10 deductions, you’ll save thousands on your tax bill every year.

What are my “Top 10 Small Business Tax Deductions”?

For a quick overview of my “Top 10″ deductions, take a look at these 2 recent blog posts.

I can summarize many of the questions I received in 3 words: “Tell me more!” People are eager to learn more about each of these deductions. So, today I’m here to “Tell you more!” . . . . . . . about each of these “Top 10″ tax deductions.

I’ve been writing a more “meaty” one-page article on each deduction. Here are the 5 I’ve written thus far.  I’ll be posting the other 5 in next week’s ezine issue — so be on the lookout for that, ok?

Incorporate Your Small Business

Pay Yourself Reasonable Compensation

Contribute to Your IRA or Retirement Plan Every Year

Maximize Your Vehicle Deductions

Set Up A Medical Reimbursement Plan (aka How to Write Off All Your Medical Expenses As A Business Deduction)

Hope that helps, and I hope to see you in my tax coaching program!

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