Spring Time Tax Savings Idea

With warmer temperatures upon us, here’s a springtime tax savings opportunity for you and your family……

It’s Yard/Garage Sale Season and perhaps you’ve been thinking about having one.

Here’s a better idea that will:
– get rid of all your clutter once and for all
– save you many hours of time
– put hundreds dollars of tax savings in your pocket
– enable you to help others while forcing Uncle Sam to actually *pay* you for all your “old stuff”

What am I talking about?

I’ve written a new Special Small Report called:

“How To Save Time, Increase Your Deductions And Slash Your Taxes By Donating Your Old Stuff To Charity”


By “Small Report”, I mean just that — about 10 pages. But it’s 10 of the most practical tax-slashing info you’ll ever get your hands on.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
– Why having a yard sale may be a terrible idea
– 4 reasons to donate your stuff instead of having a yard sale
– How to properly document your charitable contribution
– How to find the right place to donate your “old stuff” (there are literally hundreds of them)
– How to get a tax deduction for donating used items (like clothes and many everyday household things)
– How to make sure you do the paperwork right (to keep Uncle Sam off your back and out of your life)
– How to fill out the tax forms correctly — the first time!

Plus you get 4 Bonuses:
How To Determine The Value Of Donated Property
Everything You Need To Know About Charitable Contributions
How To Report Non-Cash Charitable Contributions
Free Review Of Your 2010 Income Tax Return

To get your copy, click here:

The cost of the report is $10.

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