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It’s been a good week. I turned 54 on Monday and had a wonderful birthday celebration with my family. We went out to dinner at a nice restaurant and then had one of my favorite homemade desserts – cheesecake!

Another pleasant surprise this week was the Big Birthday Sale of my 3-volume set of ebooks, aka the Ultimate Small Business Tax Reduction Guide. Many of you took advantage of the huge discount I offered to celebrate my birthday. Thank you!

If you didn’t get in on the sale, the Tax Reduction Guide is still a great deal at the regular price. Check it out here –

My ebooks come highly recommended for several reasons: first of all, they’re easy to read. I take complicated tax topics and explain them in a way that anyone can understand.

Another big benefit is that I include hundreds of dollars of tax consulting coupons with the Tax Reduction Guide. I’ll review your last 3 years of tax returns, looking for any deductions you may have missed. And I’ll spend an hour on the phone with you, answering all your tax questions, helping you decide which legal entity is best for your situation, and offering specific tax reduction strategies that can put thousands of dollars in your pockets for many years to come.

Believe it or not, many of my ebook customers never use those tax consulting coupons.  I’ve been thinking about that lately and wondering “Why is that?”

Why would someone pass up an opportunity to spend an hour on the phone with me?

What do you think? 

Maybe it’s because many of my ebook customers are just getting started with their small business or self-employment activity, and really don’t have any business income yet.  So obviously, if you don’t have any business income, you don’t have any business income tax (or self-employment tax), and so all the tax reduction strategies in the world aren’t going to help you pay less tax, because you really don’t have any business tax in the first place.

Does that make sense?

Could that be your situation?

Whether you’ve bought any of my ebooks or not, I’m just wondering how things are going for you and your small business or self-employment activity? Are you where you want to be, income-wise and profit-wise?

Are you having trouble getting things going?  Or have you been spinning your wheels at this small biz thing for a while, and feel like you’re not getting very far?

Or maybe your small business does provide enough income to live on, but these past few recession-laden years have caused your income to stagnate or even decline somewhat – maybe a little, maybe a lot?

So here’s a question I’d like you to answer today: What are the reasons you’re not making the kind of money you’d like to be making?

Send me an email with your answer to that question. I’d really like to hear what you have to say, ok?

Thank you for being a subscriber to this ezine. I’m glad you’re here.

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