How to Get Organized, Audit-Proof Your Return and Save Thousands

In last week’s post, I informed you that the IRS has increased the vehicle mileage rate to 55.5 cents/per mile (effective July 1, 2011).  Yee Haa!

And I also reminded you that the best way to audit-proof your vehicle mileage deduction is to keep a “detailed mileage log.” This is where many small business owners and self-employed folks have trouble.

Here’s the perfect solution –Tax MiniMiser to the rescue!

Do yourself a huge favor and check out this incredible record keeping resource today –

It’s the perfect complement to your favorite tax software program.

There’s even a great 9 minute video in which the creator, Bob Whitaker, shows you exactly how this record keeping system works and why it can save you thousands in taxes every year.

Tax MiniMiser will help you to get organized, audit-proof your tax return, and make your life so much easier when tax time rolls around.

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