Free Report – 30 New Tax Breaks of 2010 Tax Relief Act

The recently passed Tax Relief Act of 2010 has many tax breaks that affect both individuals and businesses.

CCH has released an awesome 11-page free report that provides all the details.  The first 5 pages are all about personal tax law changes.  The remaining 6 pages explain several tax breaks for businesses, such as –

  • Section 179 Deduction – so you can kiss depreciation goodbye
  • 100% Bonus Depreciation – if you don’t use Section 179, use this instead
  • Tax-free Gain on Small Business Stock – find out how to sell your business and pay zero tax on the profits
  • Transportation Benefits – a great perk to offer your employees
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit – find out how to get a credit of up to 40% on wages paid to certain targeted employees
  • Business Tax Extenders – 18 rather obscure tax breaks
  • Energy Incentives – another list of little-known tax credits
  • Charitable Incentives – special breaks for businesses who make charitable contributions

Here’s the link to this free Special Report – it’s a PDF file that you can download or open in your browser –

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