FAQ About New Tax Coaching Program

Based on the number of emails I’m getting about my new Small Business Tax Deduction Coaching Program, many folks are quite interested. This is good! I love helping people pay less tax, especially the hardest working people in America – small business owners and the self-employed!

Commonly Asked Questions about Wayne’s Small Business Tax Coaching Program:

1. How can I enroll?

Right here:
Small Business Tax Deduction Coaching Program

NOTE: The enrollment period will end on August 29, 2011.

2. How many people can enroll in the program?

15 people.

3. Why only 15 people?

There’s only so many hours in the day. Each participant will receive much individual coaching directly from me. I want to be sure that I give each person the attention they deserve.

4. When does the coaching program actually begin?

On September 6, 2011 – right after Labor Day.  Many parents have told me they want the kids to be back in school so they have more time to devote to this program.

5. How long is the coaching program?

10 weeks. We’ll be done before Thanksgiving. I don’t want this to compete with the Holiday Season.

6. What is the format of the coaching program?

You’ll receive a weekly lesson via email. Each week’s lesson will have homework assignments. The assignments will consist of listening to MP3 audios, some reading, and very practical “hands-on” tasks that will guide you into actually utilizing the tax deduction strategies I’ll be teaching. The email will contain detailed instructions on how to access the MP3 audio files and the reading materials, all of which I’ll provide.

7. How much time will it take to do the homework?

Hard to say. Everyone’s different when it comes to reading ability, etc.  The audios will average about 1 hour each week.  The reading material could also take you 1 hour each week, depending on how fast a reader you are. The tax deduction implementation tasks could be another hour.  So, all together, that’s about 3 hours each week.  Maybe more, maybe less. 

8. What if I have questions about the lessons?

You will have unlimited access to me via email and phone support. After you’ve done the homework, you can send me an email with your questions.  I’ll respond by the next business day with answers to your questions. If either you or I see the need to discuss your questions further, we’ll get on the phone and talk about it.

9. How much money will I save by taking this program?

My goal for each participant is this: $3,000 to $5,000 in actual tax savings per year. Obviously, I cannot guarantee that you’ll save that much (that would be illegal). Everybody’s tax situation is different. But I’ve been working with small business owners and self-employed people for the past 21 years. Based on my experience, I’ve seen many people save $3,000 to $5,000 annually by implementing the tax deduction strategies I’ll be teaching in this program.

10. What happens if I don’t save at least $3,000/year by taking this program?

Well, that could be due to any number of reasons.  The most obvious would be this: your current annual tax liability is less than $3,000.  If you are not currently paying at least $3,000 in small business income taxes and/or self-employment taxes, then you can’t save $3,000.  You can’t reduce what you don’t have – right? 

As my children would say – “Duh, Dad.”

So if that’s your situation, what I would want you to realize is that you are learning the tax deduction strategies that can or will save you at least $3,000/year – if and when you start making that kind of money and incurring that kind of tax liability.

11. What’s the cost?

Details on pricing are found on the enrollment page:
Small Business Tax Deduction Coaching Program

12. I’ve already bought your ebooks. Will this program cover the same tax deduction strategies that are explained in your ebooks?

“Yes” and “No”. 

First, the “Yes” answer . . . We will start with my “Top Ten” Small Business Tax Deductions. Several of these are explained in my ebooks.  There’s no secret about that.  Just go to my blog postings from the past few weeks and you can read all about them.

But here’s something to think about: if you’ve bought any of my ebooks, have you actually read them? Be honest!  Perhaps you have.  But most people who buy ebooks don’t end up reading them, right? That’s human nature.  I’ve done it. You’ve done it. We all do it. We see a book that looks good. We buy it. And then what happens?  We bring it home, maybe read the first chapter, and then life gets in the way and we end up putting the book on the shelf and never finish it.  Ever done that?  I sure have.

How many books do you have right now that you’ve never read or only partially read? (I’ve got a stack of them.)

How many ebooks do you have on your computer right now that you’ve never read or only partially read?  (If I’m honest, I must tell you that I’ve got many.)

I know for a fact that most of my ebook customers haven’t actually read my ebooks. I don’t take it personally.  It’s just the way it is.

So, if I buy a book and never read it, haven’t I just wasted my money?

More food for thought: Many folks have bought my ebooks – and read them. (I’m grateful for that)!  But even if you have read my ebooks, did you actually implement any of the tax deduction strategies that were explained in it? 

I do receive emails from ebook customers telling me that they read my ebook and put some of the strategies to work, and they reduced their taxes as a result.  (I’m really grateful for that!)  But these folks are the exception.  I know that sounds sad, but it’s true. And I certainly wish that were not the case.

I know for a fact that most of my ebook customers rarely use the material that they read about.  How do I know that?  Because they tell me – in emails, in phone consultations, or when they become a tax client.  The truth comes out – “Yeah, I know I should incorporate, but I just never got around to it.  I know I should keep a mileage log, but I just keep forgetting.  I know I should start a retirement plan and save for the future, but I’ve been putting that off for years.”

Sound familiar?

This has been my experience: People rarely save taxes by just reading a book.  Now, I know some do. But again, I think they are the exception. Most people need more than a book. They need more help than that. Especially when it comes to taxes. The rules are so complicated. You often need to ask questions about how a particular tax deduction applies to your particular situation. Maybe you can find the answer to that question in a book. But it is more likely that you can only get your question answered by talking with an experienced tax pro who’s been there, done that, a few hundred times.

Now we’re getting to the main reason I’m offering this Tax Coaching Program – because over the past 8 years I’ve sold thousands of ebooks and it’s really starting to bother me that most of my ebook customers aren’t getting the results they should be getting – in terms of actual tax savings.

You can only learn so much about taxes from a book (or a blog, or a free newsletter). When it comes to saving taxes, most of us need more than that.  We need a Tax Coach. 

Back to the original question – “Will this program cover the same tax deduction strategies that are explained in your ebooks?”  My answer is “Yes” and “No.”  I just explained the “Yes” part of that answer. 

Now for the “No” answer.  Several of the lessons will be devoted to my “Top 10″ Small Business Tax Deductions.  But there are hundreds more legal tax deductions. And we’ll be covering those, too.  I’ve compiled a list of “434 (and counting) Legal Tax Deductions for Small Biz Owners & the Self-Employed” and you’ll have access to this list.

I say “434 and counting” because the list keeps growing.  By the time we get to that lesson, it could be more than that.  Hey, the U.S. tax code is 500,000 pages long!

So, if you have bought my ebooks and implemented all the tax deduction strategies in them, and have saved some money (perhaps thousands of dollars) as a result, and you enroll in my Tax Coaching Program, expecting all the material to be different than my ebooks, you’ll be disappointed. 

There will be some overlap. But there will also be material that is not covered in my ebooks. 

I’m trying to be upfront with you about this. 

I hope this Q&A has helped.  Got more questions?  Just send me an email or give me a call.  I’d be glad to dialogue with you further.

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