BooksWayne Davies is author of the #1 Amazon Best-Seller: Small Business Tax Deductions Revealed: 29 Tax-Saving Tips You Wish You Knew (for Self-Employed People Only).

Tired of paying so much tax to the IRS? You are not alone! Small business owners and self-employed people are overpaying their taxes by millions of dollars every year. This book explains the tax reduction strategies you need to lower your taxes.

Here you’ll discover 29 tax tips you need to know — perfectly legal tax deductions that any small business owner can use, without fear of the IRS.

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BooksAre you self-employed and wondering “What’s Deductible?” Then Schedule C Tax Deductions Revealed is for you. Here you’ll find 101 legitimate tax write-offs for your sole proprietorship. This book was written for the independent contractor, freelancer or solopreneur (whether full-time or part-time) who wants “plain English” explanations of which expenses can be reported on Schedule C.

Even though written for the sole proprietor, virtually all the deductions presented here can be used by all types of small businesses: partnerships, corporations and LLC’s can take these deductions, too.

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BooksDoes just the thought of preparing your tax return give you a panic attack? Does the stress of gathering all your tax records give you a headache?

What’s a frustrated taxpayer to do? Have a laugh or two!

What you need to do when the strain of tax season gets the best of you is . . . . Laugh about it!

Laughter is one of life’s best medicines. So why not open up this book and chuckle over “101 Tax Jokes.” With this book in hand, you’ll finally be able to “Laugh All The Way Through Your Tax Return.”

Read the best tax one-liners of The Rich and Famous. From Mark Twain, Albert Einstein and Will Rogers to Ronald Reagan and Jay Leno. Plus many more anonymous jokes, quotes and funny stories guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and help you cope with our crazy, complicated and convoluted tax system.

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