3 Important Tax Deadlines Are Upon Us

DEADLINE #1 – Feb. 28
February 28 is the last day you can contribute to Haiti earthquate relief efforts and deduct the contribution on your 2009 return. (Of course, you can still donate after February 28 and deduct the contribution on your 2010 return.) For details, see 1-29-10 blog post below, “How To Deduct Haiti Donations on 2009 Return.”

DEADLINE #2 – March 1
March 1 is the deadline for filing Form 1096 with Copy A of Form 1099-MISC. You should be doing this if you sent 1099’s to independent contractors to whom you paid at least $600 in 2009.  For details, see 2-3-10 blog post below, “What Do You Do If You Forgot To Send Out 1099’s By Feb 1?”

DEADLINE #3 – March 15
This is the due date for 2009 corporate income tax returns, both “S” Corporations (Form 1120S) and “regular” Corporations (Form 1120).  Should you not be able to file by March 15, be sure to file an extension via Form 7004 and get an additional 6 months to file.

Got questions about your 2009 corporate income tax return?  You can get fast, accurate, time-saving answers to those questions by taking advantage of my new “Tax Return Coaching Service”, which begins on March 1.  For details visit:

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