2 More Birthday Presents For You

June is Birthday Month in the Davies household.

My birthday was June 13, and you may recall that I celebrated it with you by offering a substantial discount on my 3-volume ebook.

June is also my wife’s birthday and my daughter’s birthday.  So I’d like to give you 2 more presents –

A free eBook: “Marketing Your Small Business on the Internet.”


A free Special Report: “How To Get More Customers in a Month Than You Now Get All Year”.

To get the eBook, Click Here. To get the Special Report, Click Here

One more present: if you read the free eBook and Special Report by next Friday and send me an email with your feedback (what you liked and disliked, suggestions for improvement, etc), I’ll send you a link to another free Report: “How to Use Twitter for Business.”

Now let’s talk taxes.  More specifically, let’s talk about getting behind on your taxes. Hey, it happens.  And it happens often.  And with the economic downturn, it’s been happening even more often.

Earlier this year, the IRS announced an initiative to help people get a fresh start with their tax liabilities. The initiative centers on changes to IRS collection practices that will lessen the negative impact on taxpayers.

The changes include:

1. Adjustments to IRS Lien Policies

— Significantly increasing the dollar threshold when liens are generally issued, resulting in fewer tax liens.
— Making it easier for taxpayers to obtain lien withdrawals after paying a tax bill
— Withdrawing liens in most cases where a taxpayer enters into a Direct Debit Installment Agreement

For more info on these new lien policies, visit


2. Easier access to Installment Agreements for struggling small businesses.
For details visit

3. Streamlined Offer in Compromise program to cover more taxpayers.
Get the scoop here

If you’ve got difficulties with past due tax debt, the above links will give you much useful information on how to solve your problem.

Need help sorting it all out?  Give me a call at 260-459-3858.

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